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CPU™05 March 2015

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I love using Yelp, but not for reading people’s negative reviews. I mostly use it to bookmark places I’d like or want to check out later. Unfortunately, bookmark feature is very basic and does not quite suit my needs. Adding a  simple feature can solve the problem and provide additional user data for Yelp to target.


Bookmarks offer limited functionality. You can add a business to your collection which can be sorted Alphabetically, by Date Added, or by Distance, but sorting is not available in Map view. Even if it was, the sorting options are rarely of any use to me


In Manhattan alone, I have bookmarked 200+ restaurants, bars, and shops. Most of which I have never visited, but I bookmarked them for specific reasons like Unique Bloody Mary’s, Soup Dumplings, or Interior Design. Currently there is no system in place make note of those reasons, so I have to re-purpose the Write a Review section. Leave a note and Save as Draft. If I need to be reminded why I bookmarked this location, I can click Finish Review to see my notes. Not great but It’ll have to do.


During the winter, I bookmarked Viceroy Hotel and a couple other rooftop-bars to visit when I can enjoy some drinks outdoors while taking in the Manhattan skyline. Three months later, I’m clicking on pins, scrolling around the map, trying to find those saved locations. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to identify which of my 200+ bookmarks are rooftop bars.


If users were able to add some personalized detail to their bookmarks, it would help them recollect why they were compelled to save the location in the first place. Adding Tags would be the most viable solution. They are short, direct, and serve Yelp’s data collection as much as they do the individual user.


  1. Search “Viceroy Hotel”
  2. Tap Bookmark
  3. Type “rooftop lounge”
  4. Hit Enter or “,” to activate tag†
  5. Tap Save

† In the demo, the tag “Rooftop Lounges” already exists, so we used predictive suggestion to activate the tag.

Setting tags animation


  1. On Footer, tap More
  2. Tap Bookmark
  3. Tap Filter
  4. Toggle on Rooftop Lounge
  5. Tap Search

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