Graviton Business Card V3

CPU™27 January 2017

project description

Business Cards Redesign

I’ve been running with this sci-fi concept for several years. For the initial design I placed an order for 10,000 plastic cards, but only 200 sticker labels. The intent was to update them when the stickers ran out or in the event that I needed to update the contact information. There have been two previous iterations thus far. Both were very similar in design and easy to assemble. This year, Version 3  is a wrap around label which requires a guide to help with the sticker placement in order for the two ends to align. Unfortunately, aside from being time consuming, these are 25% thicker. A minor detail that I never considered until I realized it limits the amount I can comfortably carry in my wallet. Despite all the fuss, I’m pleased with the final product and I hope they make an impact on people.


  • 15mm Frosted Plastic with Hot Stamped Silver Foil
  • Digital Printed Die-cut Vinyl  sticker with UV finish.

project details

Graviton Atelier™