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CPU™26 April 2015

project description

Developer Evangelist at Twilio and loudest laugher in the room, Rob Spectre was rebranding his Tumblr Blog and asked me to come up with a logo. The initial designs were based on interpreting “hacking” as in Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th franchise. It’s always good to get the bad ideas out first. Later, I made a wreath with multiple USB icons which, in retrospect, was the only creative element of this project. Now that I had some momentum I moved away from the murderous motifs and starting sketching icons based on keywords associate with hacking:

  • Ideas
  • Code
  • Security
  • Late Nights
  • Community

I created icons to represent each element and experimented with how I could incorporate them into a single design. I wasn’t having much success until I remembered Rob also has a passion for Punk Rock. Inspired by the New York Hard Core “X” composition, I placed a couple key icons and initials along the axis.


  • Brooklyn Hacker Logo light

When I was presenting this version of the design to my colleagues they were quick to point out that this looked like something I put together with an online Hipster Logo Generator. After looking that up, I felt like this hamster.

project details

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