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Jakubiwski Doodle Copy coverJakubiwski Doodle Copy cover

Biting Styles: Marcin Jakubowski

Today I chose to bite the style of Concept Artist & Illustrator Marcin Jakubowski. I was first introduced to his work when I discovered a video entitled “The SPA Studios. Marcin Jakubowski’s Time Lapse Painting, Moon.” From sketch to finish Marcin creates this image in Adobe Photoshop. There is a lot of aspects of his style that I admire but today I wanted to mimic the way he paints lights and shadow. Where Marcin masterfully creates his light values in Photoshop, I am going to struggle to attempt it in Adobe Illustrator. After some experimentation I found the native tools and methods to be cumbersome. The results looked decent but involved more steps than I was willing to commit to this project. Instead, I opted to use the third party plug-in Texturino by Astute Graphics. If you’ve never tried any of their plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, I suggest you check out their suite of products. Just about every Illustrator user can benefit from incorporating one or more of their tool sets into the workflow.

Source material, created by Marcin Jakubowski.

Marcin Jakubowski's Doodle

Vector replica created in Adobe Illustrator CC.