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How I would improve Yelp’s Bookmarks

Yelp’s main features are terrific, but I mostly use it to bookmark places I should visit based on a recommendation. Although bookmarking exists within the Yelp app, it doesn’t quite suit my needs. Adding a  simple feature can solve the problem and provide additional user data to Yelp


Graviton iPhone 3s Theme

Before iOS 8 was released, jailbroken iPhone Firmware could be re-skinned from head to toe through Winterboard. All you needed to do was create a custom transparent png of any stock element you wanted to replace.


Figure Drawing on Surface Pro 3

Every Wednesday evening a large group gathers at the co-working space called Bat Haus. They haul in their prefered art supplies and greet the organizer, handing over $10 per person. They proceed to the giant cooler to pick up a couple cans of Brooklyn Brewery Lager then scurry off to find an empty seat.

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Personal and Professional works of UI/UX Designer and Artist based in Brooklyn NY. Graviton mark is a registered Trademark of Tatsuya Aoki.