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Latest Projects

Venmo Split The Check Cover Image

Speed UX: Venmo Concept

Venmo may have some cause for concern. Their parent company PayPal is moving in on their territory, sort of. Paypal launched their own dedicated payment requesting service PayPal.me. To be fair it’s slightly different than Venmo in that you send out your custom link to request funds. It’s also worth noting that Paypal already had the ability to send a receive funds in their app for a while now. Where does this leave Venmo? Hopefully looking to expand their features.  As an experiment I decided to do just that. 

How I would improve Yelp’s Bookmarks

Yelp’s main features are terrific, but I mostly use it to bookmark places I should visit based on a recommendation. Although bookmarking exists within the Yelp app, it doesn’t quite suit my needs. Adding a  simple feature can solve the problem and provide additional user data to Yelp

Figure Drawing on Surface Pro 3

Every Wednesday evening a large group gathers at the co-working space called Bat Haus. They haul in their prefered art supplies and greet the organizer, handing over $10 per person. They proceed to the giant cooler to pick up a couple cans of Brooklyn Brewery Lager then scurry off to find an empty seat.

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